infiSTAR Vision Roadmap
infiSTAR Roadmap for 2019/2020
New Payment & Licensing Model
I've already bought an infiSTAR license in the past. What now? Our new subscription model offers you an all-in-one subscription. You will get access to all infiSTAR Anti-Hacks and Vision features with our Pro Plan.

All existing customers can transfer purchased infiSTAR licenses into our new web app. All your licenses will stay active.

Please go to to transfer your licenses.
What will happen in January 2020? In January 2020 all old copies and licenses will reach the end-of-lifetime cycle. This means that we don't give you any update, support or access to our online services like our global ban list check, remote anti-hack updates, etc. anymore

You can continue using infiSTAR on your server.
Why do I need to add my servers in the web app to download infiSTAR? In order to prevent infiSTAR from sharing we decided to add a server limit to all of our subscriptions. If you download infiSTAR in our downloader it will be connected to the selected server in the downloader. It's connected to your server access tokens and to your server IP.

If you run multiple e.g. ArmA 3 servers you need to download infiSTAR separately for each server. There will be a configuration editor available in our web app soon.
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