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Our Ingame Admin Panel
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Admin Tool

infiSTAR delivers an unique admin tool with more than 50 features. You can e.g. spawn vehicles, control players, spawn buildings or administrate your server.


infiSTAR comes with a build-in anti-hack. We can detected e.g. commonly known hacks, dupers or toxic players. We are constantly working on our anti-cheat to improve online gaming. We released the first version in 2011.

Vision Webinterface + Client

Vision allows you to customize and secure your server even better. You can administrate your server in our webinterface all around the world. Check out all Vision features here.

Admin-Tool & Anti-Hack Key Features

Cloud based banlist

Vehicle features

Player features

Building features

Player names (ESP)

Supports Life, Epoch, Wasteland

Player votes (e.g. Time)

Instant teleportation

Spectator mode

Continuous anti-cheat tests

Advanced logging system

Easy installation

Automatic restart warnings

Player checks on the server

Create equipment crates

Ingame Preview
See our tool in action.
infiSTAR Pricing
Free Includes
  • 1 Server included
  • RCon Features
  • Player Reporting
  • Whitelist / Banlist
  • Member Access
  • Metrics
  • 3 Join Rules per server included
  • and more...
or prepaid
All Free features, plus:
  • 4 Servers included
  • Server Lockdown
  • Extended Firewall
  • Access to the Vision Cloudban Network
  • Communicate with all Vision servers to prevent hackers from joining
  • 5 Join Rules per server included
or prepaid
All Starter features, plus:
  • 8 Servers included
  • All infiSTAR Products
  • Access to Zeus¹
  • Online Server Logs
  • Prioritized chat and email support
  • 20 Join Rules per server included
  • and more...
or prepaid
All Pro features, plus:
  • 12 Servers included
  • infiSTAR Web Control (Soon)
  • Access to preview Versions
  • 40 Join Rules per server included
  • and more...
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