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DayZ, Epoch, OverPoch and others

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Epoch, AltisLife, Wasteland and others

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AntiHack & AdminTools features (A2 & A3)
1. Restart Countdown
2. Vote day/night
3. Anti Combat Logging (on Epoch)
4. Deeper file scan than inbuilt antihacks
5. Complete vehicle lifting checks
6. Vehicle and weapon whitelisting/blacklisting
7. Custom box configuration for donation servers
8. Mass message to all your players
9. Teleport yourself or them around to give proper help
10. Repair, heal, delete or kill your target with just a few clicks
11. Spawn item(s) or object(s) (buildings, vehicles, ..)
12. Mapicons, Mapmarkers and ESP to watch your players
.. and these are only a few of the groundbreaking features!
Guaranteed hassle-free support for your players is a huge thing that you should not be missing!

The most most successful Arma AntiHack & AdminTool, which it is used by most of the big communities out there!
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