infiSTAR Territory Management
Easy listing of all territories
Edit the flagpicture or position
Change territory names
Shows territory owner
Shows territory build rights
Saves all changes in the database!
Take a look at the screenshots to find out more
DLC: Needs infiSTAR for ExileMod!
Instant access to the files after the payment has been successfully completed!

Filter for a player name, player UID or territory name
Shows the territory name in "green" if a player who has "buildrights" or "moderator" is online

Change territory name
Change territory flag

List all existing territories on your server
List buildings parts and their health state

Shows territory size
Shows the level of the flag of a territory
Shows the amount of construction parts of a base
Shows the protection due date

Create a camera at the selected territory flag to get a better overview of the terrain/base
Teleport yourself to a territory flag

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