Instant access
Beginner friendly installation and configuration
Full control of your gameserver through the ingame admin interface
Global (cloud) banlist
Running on all operation systems
All admin / player actions are logged in a logfile
Continuous Anti-Cheat and Anti-Hack tests on the server and on each player
File- and functionintegrity check on the server and on each connected player
Spectate other players through the admin console
Place any vehicle, building or item
Instant teleportation with the map or with the admin console
Automatic restart warnings in the global chat
Players can change the ingame time with a global vote
Vehicle repair function
Player healing function
Show players, vehicles and buildings on the map
Graphic illustration of all player names (ESP - Extra Sensory Perception)
Configuration of crates with equipment e.g. as a gift for a donation from a player
Special and unique designed features for EXILE Servers
and much more! infiSTAR is constantly being improved and expanded.
Purchase now, download, install, stay safe - be admin!
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