infiSTAR Battleye Remote Control
Read the ingame chat of everyone on your server
Send public messages to your server
Send private messages to players on your server
Shows Battleye GUID, IP and the Country of a player
PREMIUM: Player using VPN? This will tell you!
PREMIUM: Shows the ISP (Internet Service Provider)
PREMIUM: Shows UID (Steam64 ID) to look up a players steam profile
PREMIUM: Shows Steam Account name (makes it easier to identify your players/admins)
PREMIUM: Shows VAC Bans and time from the last VAC ban
PREMIUM: Shows a Players ArmA 3 total playtime
PREMIUM: allows you to kick a player on VPN detection
PREMIUM: allows you to kick if the Steam profile of a player is private
PREMIUM: allows you to kick if a player has less than X ArmA 2 / ArmA 3 hours of gameplay
PREMIUM: allows you to kick people that are on the infiSTAR Banlist (even when you don't run infiSTAR AntiHack)
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