infiSTAR for ArmA 2
Instant access
Beginner friendly installation and configuration
Full control of your gameserver through the ingame admin interface
Global (cloud) banlist
Running on all operation systems
All admin / player actions are logged in a logfile
Continuous Anti-Cheat and Anti-Hack tests on the server and on each player
File- and functionintegrity check on the server and on each connected player
Spectate other players through the admin console
Place any vehicle, building or item
Instant teleportation with the map or with the admin console
Automatic restart warnings in the global chat
Players can change the ingame time with a global vote
Vehicle repair function
Player healing function
Show players, vehicles and buildings on the map
Graphic illustration of all player names (ESP - Extra Sensory Perception)
Configuration of crates with equipment e.g. as a gift for a donation from a player
Compatible with DayZ mod, Epoch, OverPoch and others
and much more! infiSTAR is constantly being improved and expanded.
Purchase now, download, install, stay safe - be admin!
Screenshots & more information

Spectate players, just to see what they are up to without the need of your actual player being there.
See the equipment of other players, just like you would open your own gear/equipment by simply pressing ONE key.
Switch between more than 20 pre-defined loadouts
Toggle certain keybinds on or off, e.g. "Teleporting 10m ahead" (allows you to travel really quick!)
"Activate [ALT+LeftmouseButton] Map to TP" - you can open the map, hold your ALT Key down and simply click on a position to teleport yourself (with your vehicle) to that location
"Lower Terrain" - lower the terrain (grass and bushes get almost removed) to obtain a lot more FPS and better sight
"VehicleBoost" - enable vehicle boost to drive up to 10x faster than usual. It also adds a "lower speed" function to your spacebar!
"No Zed Aggro" - disable zed aggro (zeds/zombies will not spot, follow or attack you)
"Zed Shield" - kills / Deletes zombies close to you
"Fly" - allows you to fly and hover
"Stealth / Invisible" - makes you completely invisible to run around unseen
"Admin DebugMonitor" - special admin debug monitor which shows more information than usual
"Base Manager" - Insert a whole base OR Export a base to an external file (to load it back in whenever you want, this is pretty much "copy & paste base management")
"No Build Limit" - build as much as you want, no plotpole/baselevel limits count for you!
"No OverBurdened" - you can carry as much as you want
"1 Step Building" - building take too long? no problem infiSTAR got your back!
"No PlotPole" - no need for a Flag/Plotpole anymore.
"Remove Plot-Poles (30m)" - somebody glitches his plotpole within a wall and you can't delete it by "aiming at it" and pressing delete on your keyboard? this will help!
"Remove Nets (30m)" - this will delete all nets within 30m of your playerobject
Send a message to the whole server
Send a fance colored message to the whole server
Use the amazing "Fix Servers FPS" function, to remove all kind of clutter/junk to get a performance boost on your server and for your players!
Spawn boxes for your friends or maybe as "thank you" for people who donated to your communty/server
Open the wardrobe menu to fully change your look, you can even become an animal!
Delete Boxes/Loot/Vehicles/Buildings infront of you, just aim on it and press the DELETE key on your keyboard.

Spawn in all sort of vehicles / tanks / jets / helicopters.
You can do this just for you or for other players on your server

Spawn in all available items / weapons

Change the weather (make it cloudy, rainy, foggy, sunshine and more)
Change the time (set the daytime to whatever you want)
Keep track of all actions infiSTAR takes, there is surveillancelogs, hacklogs, adminlogs even a playerlog

Heal a player by simply selecting his name and doubleclicking the "Heal" function
Repair a vehicle of player
Some vehicle is upside down / flipped over? Get close to it and use "Flip Near Vehicle"
Change humanity in small steps or by entering a new amount as a number
Give Ammo for the current weapon the selected player has equipped
Clone the gear/equipment of a selected player
Freeze or unfreeze (they can still see and hear what's happening, but can't do anything about it)
Join a vehicle of a selected player
Move a player into my vehicle
Eject a player from his vehicle
Kick a selected player
TempBan a selected player
Ban a selected player
Take blood from somebody (slowly bleed them out)
Remove the ammonition of a players gun
Remove the whole gear/equipment somebody uses
Break legs of a selected player
Drug a selected player
Slap a selected player
Burn / inflame a selected player
Knockout a selected player
Force a selected player to commit suicide
Kill a selected player
Disconnect a selected player
Most of these functions can be used while you spectate another player, so you can watch him live while you are not physically around

Switch between 4 different GUI Layouts of the AdminMenu
Use all different kind of map markers to spot corpse, wrecks, tents, veins, vaults, plotpoles or just to find your vehicle
Choose between 2 different kinds of ESP (Wallhack) to be able to find your players or simply see their names/distance to yourself.

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