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Table of Contents 

Transfer of content 
Grant of rights of use 
liability for defects 
Applicable law 
Information about online dispute resolution 
Other provisions 

1) Scope 

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "GTC") of Christian Lorenzen, acting under "infiSTAR" (hereinafter "Licensor"), apply to all contracts for the delivery of data not physically stored on a physical data medium, which are produced and provided in digital form (digital content) that a consumer or entrepreneur (hereinafter "Licensee") enters into with the licensor with regard to the digital content presented by the licensor in his online shop. Hereby the inclusion of own conditions of the licensee is contradicted, unless otherwise agreed. 

1.2 The object of the contract is the transfer of the digital content offered by the licensor to the licensee in electronic form, with the granting of specific rights of use, which are more precisely regulated in these terms and conditions. 

1.3 Consumer within the meaning of these terms and conditions is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for purposes that are predominantly neither their commercial nor their independent professional activity can be attributed. Entrepreneur within the meaning of these terms and conditions is a natural or legal person or a legal partnership, which acts in the execution of a legal transaction in the exercise of their commercial or independent professional activity. 

2) Conclusion of the contract 

2.1 The contents published in the licensor's online shop do not constitute binding offers by the licensor, but serve to make a binding offer by the licensee. 

2.2 The licensee may submit the offer via the online order form integrated in the licensor's online shop. The licensee, after he has placed the selected content in the virtual shopping cart and has gone through the electronic ordering process, by clicking the finalizing the order process button a legally binding contract offer in relation to the contents contained in the shopping cart. Furthermore, the licensee may also submit the offer to the licensor by e-mail. 

2.3 The licensor may accept the offer of the licensee within five days, 

by submitting to the licensee a written order confirmation or an order confirmation in text form (fax or e-mail), whereby the order confirmation is deemed to be binding on the licensee or by leaving the ordered contents to the licensee, whereby the access to the licensee is authoritative or by requesting the licensee to pay after submitting his order. If more than one of the alternatives mentioned above, the contract comes into effect at the time when one of the aforementioned alternatives occurs first. If the licensor does not accept the offer of the licensee within the aforementioned period, this shall be deemed to be a rejection of the offer with the consequence that the licensee is no longer bound by his declaration of intention. 

2.4 The period for accepting the offer shall commence on the day after the submission of the offer by the licensee and shall end on the expiry of the fifth day following the dispatch of the offer. 

2.5 When submitting an offer via the licensor's online order form, the text of the contract is stored by the licensor and sent to the licensee in writing (eg e-mail, fax or letter) after submitting his order together with the present GTC 

2.6 Prior to the binding submission of the order via the online order form, the licensee can continually correct his entries via the usual keyboard and mouse functions. In addition, all entries before the binding submission of the order are displayed again in a confirmation window and can also be corrected there using the usual keyboard and mouse functions. 

2.7 Only the German language is available for the conclusion of the contract. 

2.8 The order processing and contact usually take place via e-mail and automated order processing. The licensee must ensure that the e-mail address provided by him for processing the order is correct, so that the e-mails sent by the licensor can be received at this address. In particular, when using SPAM filters, the licensee must ensure that all e-mails sent by the licensor or by third parties commissioned with the order processing can be delivered. 

2.9 The licensee is not entitled to updates, these are granted free of charge and purely out of goodwill by the licensor. The Licensor may, however, at any time without stating reasons stop access to them. 

2.10 The Licensee is not entitled to assistance ("Support"), even if this is generally granted free of charge by the Community. In particular, requests for third party software issues (such as Battleye) are invariably ignored. 

3) Right of withdrawal 

The cancellation period is fourteen days from the day on which you or a third party named by you, who is not the carrier, has or has taken possession of the goods. 

To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must contact us 
Christian Lorenzen 
Störweg 3 
D-25997 Breitenberg 

by means of a clear statement of your decision to withdraw from this contract. You can contact us here:

The infiSTAR products are digital content, not physical data media. The right of revocation expires as soon as the customer has already downloaded the product or has already received it. If the product is a license key, the right of revocation expires upon activation of the license. 


The selection of digital content is the sole responsibility of the customer. If a download was unsuccessful, the customer can contact to repeat the download if necessary. Further claims, in particular for lost profit or consequential damages, are excluded. Use, installation and maintenance are the sole responsibility of the customer. This is just a sale of the product in its current state at the time of sale. 

4) Remuneration 

4.1 The licensor receives a lump-sum license fee for the granting of rights to the respective content, the amount of which results from the respective item description. 

4.2 The prices stated by the licensor are total prices and include the statutory value added tax. 

4.3 In the case of payments to countries outside the European Union, additional costs may be incurred in individual cases which the licensor is not responsible for and which are to be borne by the licensee. These include, for example, costs for the transmission of money by credit institutions (eg transfer fees, exchange rate fees). 

4.4 The Licensee has various payment options available that are specified in the Licensor's online shop. 

4.5 If advance payment has been agreed, payment is due immediately upon conclusion of the contract. 

4.6 If the payment method "PayPal" is selected, the payment is processed via the payment service provider PayPal (Europe) S.à rl et Cie, SCA, 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg, subject to the PayPal Terms of Use, available at https: // 
When choosing one of the payment methods "GiroPay", "IMMEDIATE", "Credit Card", "Bitcoin", "Dodgecoin", "Litecoin", the payment is processed via the payment service provider wayopay® © 2017, Digital Goods Store Ltd, London, UK subject to the terms of use, available at 

5) Transfer of content 

The transfer of the contents takes place exclusively in electronic form by download from the website of the licensor. 

6) Grant of rights of use 

6.1 The licensor grants the licensee the non-exclusive right, unlimited in time and place, to use the provided content exclusively for private purposes. 

6.2 The transfer of the content to third parties or the production of copies for third parties outside the scope of these terms and conditions is not permitted, unless the licensor has consented to a transfer of the contractual license to the third party. 

6.3 The granting of rights is in accordance with. § 158 para. 1 BGB becomes effective only if the licensee has fully paid the contractually owed remuneration. The licensor can also provisionally allow use of the content of the contract even before this time. A transfer of rights does not take place through such provisional permission. 

7) Liability for defects 

The statutory liability for defects applies. 

8) Applicable law 

For all legal relationships between the parties, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies, excluding the laws on the international purchase of movable goods. For consumers, this choice of law applies only to the extent that the protection granted is not withdrawn by mandatory provisions of the law of the state in which the consumer has his habitual residence. 

9) Information on online dispute resolution 

The EU Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution on the Internet at the following link: 

This platform serves as a point of contact for the out-of-court resolution of disputes arising from online purchase or service contracts involving a consumer. 

10) Other provisions 

10.1 The contract language is German.

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