infiSTAR Battleye Remote Control
Read the ingame chat of everyone on your server (writing a log file)
Send public messages to your server
Send private messages to players on your server
Shows Battleye GUID, IP, Ping and the Country (with a flag) of a player
Saves a player history, so you know who was on your server and when (name + timestamp + GUID)
Highlight admin / help shout outs in the chat
Filter chat messages for bad words and kick / ban for it
Automatic updates (can be disabled and done manually)
Working perfectly fine with DayZ Standalone, ArmA 2 and ArmA 3!
PREMIUM: Player using VPN? This will tell you!
PREMIUM: Allows you to kick a player on VPN detection
PREMIUM: Shows UID (Steam64 ID) to look up a players steam profile
PREMIUM: Shows Steam Account name (makes it easier to identify your players/admins)
PREMIUM: Shows VAC Bans and time from the last VAC ban
PREMIUM: Shows ArmA 2 / ArmA 3 total playtime
PREMIUM: Showing the date when the Steam Account was created and the age in days
PREMIUM: Showing the time when a player connected to the server
PREMIUM: Shows the ISP (Internet Service Provider)
PREMIUM: Allows you to kick if the Steam profile of a player is private
PREMIUM: Allows you to kick if a player has less than X ArmA 2 / ArmA 3 hours of gameplay
PREMIUM: Allows you to kick if a Steam Account is not older than X days
PREMIUM: Allows you to kick people that are on the infiSTAR Banlist (even when you don't run infiSTAR AntiHack)
PREMIUM: Allows you to kick people that are on the KotH / Wasteland Banlist (huge list of people caught hacking, from a trustworthy source)
PREMIUM: Allows you to use a whitelist - where everyone has to be in the list or they would get kicked on join
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